Ben Swann Reality Check: What The Media Isn’t Telling You About Syria

I like this guy! Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel.

China is taking a leap forward to control world currency

You did read my other post – World Reserve Currency – Right?? It is obvious that China is up to something hoarding gold like a dragon. In fact, it is taking a leap forward to control the world currency.  China is vowing to make more reforms, among them cutting red tape and establishing the yuan as a […]

CIA Assassinating Witnesses to 9/11 Secrets

A reposting – CIA Killed Phillip Marshall for Leaking 9/11 Secrets: Dr. Kevin Barrett Press TV March 5, 2013 Philip Marshall was killed in a black operation over confessing to having worked with CIA drug smugglers and the potential exposure of 9/11 secrets. In the background to this, former US National Security Agency Officer Wayne […]

US Troops heading to Syria

A repost of an article. Original at bottom. US Troops In Ft Hood Receive Orders To Deploy To Syria I have been able to verify something extremely troubling in the past 12 hours.  A close and verifiable source contacted me to lament the deployment of a friend from Ft. Hood to Egypt, where this particular soldier will […]

The “Domestic Terrorist” You Can Call a Hero

A repost…but worthy of a spot on my site. The “Domestic Terrorist” You Can Call a Hero I dreamed I saw Bernard von NotHaus, alive as you or me. Said I, “But Bernard, you’ve been jailed two years.” “I never was,” said he. Bernard has been the called the Rosa Parks of the alternative money […]

John McCain Formally Accused of Accepting Bribes From The Rothschilds

John McCain is under suspicion of being on the Rothschilds payroll… in other news the sky is blue. Read the article here –

World Reserve Currency

I think I should post what I know about the coming collapse of the US Dollar.  In order to justify my position, I need to explain a few things: First, I need to explain that the US Dollar is the World Reserve Currency.  This means that all international trade is done with US Dollars.  If […]

What will prick this new Bubble??

Schiff says it right out … We are STILL in a Recession.  The government is deliberately lying to the people, and that we are on the cusp of another economic collapse.  This dire warning is a direct result of the FED  and the government meddling with the free market as a whole, and the housing […]

Ron Paul’s Homeschooling Curriculum

If you’re home schooling your kids..check out the *FREE* Curriculum from Ron Paul that covers Freedom and History.  Ron Paul’s Home School Curriculum.

What It Means to Be An NSA “Target”

What do you think it’s like to be a target of the NSA? Well…keep reading – NSA Target

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