Serious Glue for Serious Hobbyists

Don't trust your project to just any CA. Mercury provides only the highest quality adhesives backed by an unconditional / unlimited replacement guarantee. Here's why Mercury outperforms ordinary super glues:

99.9% Pure CA

Less fillers means more glue in every drop to bond faster, stronger & longer.


All our adhesives are medical grade quality and scientifically engineered to minimize fumes & odors.

Guaranteed Fresh

We never bottle old glue and our innovative cap design guarantees your glue will last longer than any other CA.

Made in the USA

Using only the highest quality ingredients and manufacturing processes, all our adhesives are made and bottled in the USA.




We stand behind all our products no matter when they were purchased. The Mercury warranty¬† is simple…. Unconditional.

E. Fether - Mercury Adhesives President & CEO

What Makes Our Glue Superior

Mercury has a full range of scientifically engineered high quality adhesives designed specifically for the R/C industry and modelers needs. View this informative video to learn more and see some awesome flight demos.


Mercury Adhesives Product Line

All our products feature a specially designed no-clog cap & 5 viscosities. Specialty adhesives include a foam compatible blend, debonder, accelerator, and threadlocker. Our adhesives are specifically formulated for various tasks when working with wood, metal, plastic, rubber, fabric, leather, and foam. Discover which Mercury Adhesive is right for your project:


Why Buy Our Glue?

All our products stand up to the competition.

Clog Free Cap
Made in USA!
More Glue per Drop
Toxin Free
More Savings

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